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Your customizable, semi-autonomous Q&A bot

Place knowledge sharing at the center of your organization

whys Knowledge Manager

the most intelligent way to assemble, curate and distribute your organization’s collective knowledge

whys knowledge manager admin console

whys Knowledge Types

when typed responses don’t need to be typed at all


knowledge source type is text

Automatically source responses from your documents and files or get started by typing new responses manually.


knowledge source is images

Add pictures, images and screenshots to your chat bubbles for a more visual and interactive chat experience

Media (coming soon)

knowledge source is media

Send responses with links to webpages or embed web-based content directly in your answers.

API/Queries (coming soon)

knowledge source is databases and APIs

Create responses based on API calls and database queries to provide answers as charts, graphs, lists and more.

collaborating around knowledge

Create Collective Knowledge

Dynamic and continuously evolving collaboration

whys saves time for teams and collaborators by offering access to a growing, collaboratively curated knowledge base. Your teams benefit from faster onboarding processes, on-demand access to excerpts of text from documents and the accumulation of content from previous projects and communication.

Your first bot is free

Unlimited knowledge sources and Q&A groups

symbol of whys bot

Your first bot is free and unlimited for 2 bot managers. Take advantage of any and every whys integration, deploy across as many chats as you want and build out your organization’s evolving knowledge base.

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Need more bots?

whys scales with your needs by building new and custom integrations for your organization. Get a callback or schedule an appointment with us today!

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